In this day and age, it is easy as a tap on the screen to modify, sometimes significantly, the integrity of the photo. This can be a beneficial tool when the lighting is subpar, or the image came out with poor quality—these photo-enhancing apps and programs turn bad pictures into acceptable ones. They can also skewer the viewer’s interpretation of the truth of the photo.

This is especially problematic for hair stylists and hair salons as these filters and enhancements alter the reality of a hair service. Many clients rely on photos to provide their stylist of looks or colors they want to have, without really considering if the color is truly achievable or a social media lie.

  • To the untrained eye, a balayage is a balayage—a hair styling and coloring technique involving dying and highlighting the hair in such a way that the darker roots transition into a lighter color into a seamless and natural way. However, should you search “balayage” on Pinterest or Google, your results will bring up far more than just balayage coloring. The images are mixed with styles filled with full highlights, foiliages, and other techniques that require more time in the stylist’s chair and a larger bill.
  • Other common misconceptions are before and after photos of extreme color changes—from dark, rich browns to vibrant “unicorn” hair—without the extensive work and multiple visits to the salon required between the before and after photo.

Both of these scenarios lead to frustration on both the client’s and the stylist’s side and many layers of miscommunication and misuse of industry lingo.

The beauty industry has long favored modifying the images and portrayals of models. For hair models, this includes extensions, wigs, painted (not dyed) coloring, and of course, photoshop to get the perfectly (and totally unachievable) look.

So, when it comes to searching for the perfect image to show your stylist what you would like your hair to look like—just remember, the model in the photo you select, likely doesn’t have that hairstyle either. Instead of using the image as an exact representation, consider it inspiration for the overall look you would like to have achieved and rely on the advice and experience of your stylist. They’ll let you know when a look is completely unattainable and when it will take more work than originally expected to get your hair there.

At the Brandon Essentials Spa and Salon, there really is #NoFilter when it comes to our styles. Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our stylists where you can review your desired new look and the process to achieve it.