At Brandon Essentials, we care about your whole health and about ensuring our clients always look and feel their absolute best. And we know, that for many of you, maintaining a healthy weight is a major factor in how you feel about the way you look. Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to lose weight and many people don’t understand why their weight loss routines aren’t working. Last week we began to discuss weight loss resistance syndrome and the factors that contribute to it. You can read up on that blog here. This week, we will continue this discussion to help you get your weight loss plan back on track.

Imbalanced hormones 

Last week we touched on the fact that weight loss resistance syndrome is often caused by an imbalance in your body’s hormone levels. Imbalanced hormone levels can be detrimental to any weight loss plans success. When your body’s hormone levels are not perfectly in sync, it can have major implications on your physical health and mental health, which will ultimately impact the success of any weight loss program. Seeing a doctor regularly is the best way to diagnose and manage hormone imbalances.

Hidden food sensitivities 

Many people have food sensitivities without even realizing it. Food sensitivities should not be confused with food allergies. Food allergies typically cause immediate reactions and can sometimes be fatal if not treated properly. A food intolerance or sensitivity on the other hand may or may not cause immediate reactions and are usually not fatal. Food sensitivities are also far more common than deadly food allergies are. A few of the most common food sensitivities include dairy, wheat, sugar, nuts, soy, and gluten. If you are including food in your diet that you have a sensitivity to without realizing it, your body will focus on tolerating the food rather than on using it to properly aide in your weight loss plan. Food sensitivities are commonly found through experimentation. For example, if you pasta regularly but usually feel bloated afterwards, you may have a sensitivity to gluten. Once you have identified which types of food you have a sensitivity to, you can cut it out of your diet, and focus on foods that will actively aide in your weight loss success.

Artificial sweeteners  

Products like diet coke are notoriously bad for you. The main ingredient in these “sugar free” drinks, artificial sweeteners, is actually linked to certain types of cancer and diabetes. When it comes to weight loss, replacing regular soda products with their “diet” alternatives does not actually help you reach your weight loss goals. The syrup in the diet coke is still packed with carbs and hard to break down artificial sweeteners, which in turn inhibits your weight loss. Instead, try replacing all sodas with water and a natural sweetener like a fresh lemon or an orange.

Proper portion sizes and meals

While it may be customary to eat three square meals a day, this is usually bad advice for those on the fast track to weight loss. When you eat smaller portions more frequently, the body is not starving for calories, which will inevitably shrink your stomach. This will cause you to feel fuller and more satisfied longer. Small snacks and lean high protein meals like grilled chicken, rice, salad, fruit, and peanuts will round out your diet. But remember, too much of anything is a bad thing. So, moderation is key here.  

If you’re looking for ideas to jump start your weight loss routine and get it back on track, contact Brandon Essentials Spa today to schedule a relaxing spa treatment to pamper yourself. We recommend our healthy body wrap to leave you feeling energized and rejuvenated and ready to tackle your next weight loss goals!