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Which is a Better Relaxer—a Lye-Based or a No-Lye Relaxer?

Getting your hair relaxed but not sure which relaxer to use? Here’s a list of the pros and cons of both Lye-based and No-Lye based relaxers to help you decide!

Lye Based Relaxer


  • Better for hair fibers
  • Formula doesn’t leave mineral deposits on your hair
  • Provides “healthy breakage” – a breakage that allows your hair to replenish itself and regain natural strength and elasticity while formula is on hair

The “healthy breakage” that Lye-based relaxing formula is definitely the biggest perk of this product. When your hair is relaxed, valuable proteins that allow your hair to have that strength and elasticity are taken from your hair. Lye-based formula is able to replenish that to leave your hair healthier through the relaxing process.


  • Known to be harsh on scalp
  • No suitable if you have a sensitive scalp/ or burn easily

No-Lye Based Relaxer


  • Said to be easier on the scalp
  • The formula is not as harsh**

**All chemical relaxers can be potentially harmful y causing scalp burns or hair loss if not used correctly


  • Known to leave your hair dry
  • Leaves mineral residue on your hair
  • Does not allow you hair to absorb moisture
  • Puts your hair at higher risk for breaking

The choice between the two types of relaxers is completely up to you! Your stylist can help you make a decision based on your hair type and scalp sensitivity, but the stylist will never choose your relaxer for you without informing you on the type of relaxer being used. Based off of the pro’s and con’s all in all, if you have sensitive skin No-Lye based relaxer is the right product for you. Although, if you do not suffer from sensitive skin or are not as easily burned, your stylist would most likely recommend Lye based relaxer because of the many benefits it offers your hair. Are you interested in having your hair relaxed or finding out more information on hair relaxing? Essentials of Brandon: Full-Service Luxury Spa offers hair relaxing treatments to help you reach your hair goals! Schedule your appointment by phone (813) 681 -1110 or request one online.

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