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How Relaxers Work

You may not know it, but our hair is full of protein links and bonds that allow our hair to have body and structure. Relaxers work along with these proteins in our hair to breakdown some of the links of protein - allowing for our hair to gain a smoothed and straightened shape. Relaxers open up the cuticle layer to penetrate our hair through our hair’s cortex. This process unfortunately weakens hair, but with the right steps taken before, during and after relaxing, you can still have healthy and strong hair!

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Types of Relaxers

There are two different relaxers you should look into before deciding which one your hair stylist should use: Lye relaxers and No - Lye relaxers. Lye relaxers are known to be better for your hair fibers because there are no mineral deposits left on the hair after the formula is applied. Lye relaxers allow for a form of "healthy breakage" which allows your hair to regain its natural strength and elasticity while having your hair relaxed. No-Lye relaxers are known for being easier on the scalp and would be better recommended by your hair stylist for those with a sensitive scalp. Although on the downside, no-lye relaxers don't provide your hair that healthy amount of moisture like the lye relaxer formula does.

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How Often Relaxers Should Be Done

After you've had your hair relaxed, it is suggested that you wait 8 weeks before you go for your next relaxing appointment. Relaxing treatment must be applied to new hair and cannot be reapplied to the same hair that was once relaxed before. A minimum of 8 weeks before the next relaxing appointment allows for new hair growth and any hair relaxing appointment made before that 8-week mark could cause more damage to the hair - hair breakage especially.

Some clients prefer to use the "stretching" method when it comes to hair relaxers. This is when a client will wait longer than 8 weeks, possibly 10 - 12 weeks before their next relaxing appointment. Stretching during the relaxing process does have its benefits, but most relaxing formulas suggest that they be reapplied every 8 weeks.

Preparing for Relaxer

Preparing your hair for relaxed is essential and must be done for best results. As mentioned before, relaxer targets hair proteins and if your hair lacks protein, this process can be damaging if not harder to do without those proteins. Our other blog article, "Do THIS Before Your Essentials Brandon Relaxer Appointment" goes into depth on what should be done to prepare your hair for this treatment.

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