There are more than 350 different massages recognized by the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. While our massage therapists don’t conduct every recognized massage, our spa does have a vast selection of massage services available.

A massage isn’t just a massage—and for many massage methods there is more than just relaxation as a benefit of the massage. Before scheduling your massage appointment, it can be beneficial to know which massage option is best for you.

Each of our massages can be grouped into two categories: Relaxation and Therapeutic. Relaxation targets your state of mind and these massages are meant to help you relax beyond just your aching muscles. Therapeutic massages are meant to target deeper issues and are highly beneficial for injuries, severe muscle pain or stiffness, and muscle adhesions.

Massages that fall under Relaxation include:

Massages that fall under Therapeutic include:

If you aren’t positive which massage will be best for your desired goals, contact our spa to discuss what you hope to get out of your massage and we will help to match you up with the massage that will best suit your needs. During your appointment with your massage therapist, you can further discuss your needs so we can provide you with the best massage to help you relax and heal.