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What Facials Can Do For Your Skin After a Hot Summer Day

Florida summers can be hot and rough—particularly to our skin. Sweat, sunscreen, dirt, and other environmental toxins can lead to clogged pores and a higher chance of breakouts, and time in the sun can lead to extensive sun damage. Fortunately, an Essentials Facial can help cleanse your face, rejuvenate your skin, and boost your complexion’s clarity and brightness.

How a Brandon Essentials Facial Can Help Improve Your Skin

Facials Can Unclog Pores

Summertime often means many individuals are wearing sunscreen and spending significant time outside. Dirt, sweat, and other environmental exposure (e.g., sand, saltwater) can become clogged in your pores, especially when covered and trapped under applications and reapplications of sunscreen. Summer breakouts are common, but they can be combatted with daily facial washing—with a boost in care with a facial from the Essentials Spa estheticians. Professional facials can help to clear pores more effectively and the products used are often more efficient than store bought or homemade concoctions. Those who have oily or more acne prone skin should take additional care to help prevent the worsening of their symptoms.

Essentials Facials Provide Gentle Exfoliations

Time under the beautiful Florida sun can be quite enjoyable, but the expose can be harsh on the skin’s cells, often drying out or damaging the cells—leading to cellular destruction and peeling of the skin. Time in water, whether at one of our nearby beaches or a chlorinated pool can also lead to dry skin. Each Essentials facial offered includes a gentle exfoliation. Exfoliating your skin allows for the removal of dead or dying skin cells built up on the surface of the skin without damaging the underlaying new cells.

Facials By Essentials Estheticians Help Improve Skin Tone

Through gentle exfoliation, the removal of dead skin cells and the cleansing of pores results in a more even skin tone and healthier complexion. In addition, select types of facials provided by Essentials Spa in Brandon can also combat sun damage—such as sunspots, redness, and wrinkles.

Facials Reduce Signs of Sun Damage

We’ve touch on this a bit, but depending on your facial treatment, you can better target certain issues—like sunspots or other signs of sun damage. Too much time in the sun can also lead to wrinkles, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation on the face. Essentials Signature Hydrating and Calming Facial and Sanita’s Professional Custom Facial are two such facials offered by Essentials Spa and Salon that can help reduce signs of sun damage.

Make Your Facial Appointment At Brandon Essentials Spa and Salon

Whether your skin is in need of a hydrating boost, deep cleansing, or exfoliation, there is a facial available at Essentials Spa in Brandon to get the look and skin health you want for your face. Contact us to schedule your summer facial or make your appointment online!

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