international institute of reflexology foot chart

Reflexology is a massage application in which pressure is specifically applied to particular points on the feet, hands, and/or ears. Reflexologist believe that each point corresponds to a particular area within the body (like a specific organ or body system) and by applying pressure and massaging these points, the related areas are calmed, healing is promoted, and health is stimulated.

Some examples of corresponding reflexology points:

  • Tips of the toes – Head
  • Heel of foot – Lower Back/Intestines
  • Ball of the foot – Heart/Chest
  • Arch of the foot – Liver, Kidney, Pancreas

See image to the left for a full view of the foot’s reflexology chart.

How Does Reflexology Help?

Reflexology, like any massage, is not a cure for any disease but it can help alleviate symptoms or side effects of certain conditions like anxiety, diabetes, migraines, cancer treatments, kidney issues, and more. In 2015, a review was published in the Integrative Cancer Therapies that reported that massages, like reflexology massages, were found to be effective for relieving pain associated with post-surgery effects and cancer. Many individuals have also reported benefits that include:

  • Reduced headaches
  • Lessened severity or frequency of migraines
  • Improved digestion
  • Relief of sports related injury stiffness and pain
  • Arthritis pain relief
  • Better nights sleep or a more restful night
  • Reduced intensity of PMS symptoms
  • Decreased levels of stress or anxiety
  • Lessened back pain

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