Valentines day and special anniversaries aren’t the only reason to try a couple’s massage (even if it does make the perfect gift!). Essentials of Brandon provides all guests with a relaxing and indulgent experience, and when you take part in the experience with your significant other, there are many other benefits to be had as well.

Time To Bond

Sharing an experience is one of the best ways to bond and connect with your partner. You can take the time you share side by side on our luxurious massage tables to chat and catch up, enjoy each other’s calming presence, or relax in a comfortable silence as you both let your stress melt away under the skilled hands of our massage therapists. Even if you aren’t actively engaging one another, spending the time together doing can strengthen your connection.

Boost Comfort & Relaxation

Getting a massage, especially for the first time, can be nerve-wrecking alone or can make one feel self-conscious. However, with a trusted loved one by your side, these types of thoughts or worries quickly leave your mind. Familiarity can help reduce nervousness of first-time spa goers.

 Personalized Massage

Although you may be getting a massage together, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get the same massage. Your spouse may need a lighter touch while you may need a deeper massage to really unknot your tense muscles. You can still enjoy the benefits of the massage you need while spending time with the person you want.

Overall Wellness

Massages are well-known for their therapeutic effect on the mind and the body. From reduced stress and mental relaxation to the physical improvements of relieved muscle tension and stiffness. The shared experience adds to the health and wellness of your relationship. Spending time together, even if it is more of your partner’s idea of a good time, can help bring people together emotionally.

Couple’s Massages are available throughout the year—not just as a Valentines Day spa special. Check out our massage services to see all of our options available to our couples.