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What All Runners Should Know Before Getting an Essentials Pedicure

As a runner, your feet are one of your greatest assets. Because of these, you may want to treat yourself to a pedicure for the strain you’ve put on your feet, but it’s important to know these things before getting your pedicure as an avid runner.

Your calluses are your best friend.

Those clients who like their feet to be smooth and soft can live without the calluses and would probably rather live without them. Although as a runner, your calluses help you more than you know. Calluses are a layer of protection against friction caused when running. Removing these calluses can cause your feet to be more prone to painful blisters and sores. Taking off these calluses can also make you more susceptible to infection. These calluses you have are probably very thick and the process of taking the calluses off can cause cuts in the skin that can lead to bacteria or fungus.

Blisters should not be touched during your pedicure.

As a runner, blisters can happen often for a number of reasons. It is important to know that these blisters you have should never be touched by your nail technician during a pedicure. Allowing a nail technician to cut off a blister can open your skin up to a world of microorganisms and can cause pain for you. The best thing to do for these blisters is to cover them with a bandage, let them heal on their own, and ask your nail technician to be sensitive to the area surrounding them. If you have a blister, it is smart to avoid getting a pedicure until you see that it is healed for good measure.

Ask the nail technician not to remove your cuticles.

Your cuticles seal your nail plate, and if these are removed, you can be prone to infection. Especially due to the friction, sweat, and compression on your toes that may come from running avidly, it is not suggested that you have your cuticles removed.

Ask to have your toenails trimmed short.

Long toenails as a runner can cut into the skin of your other toes and cause bleeding inside of your shoe. Ask to have the white part of your toenail cut off. A rule of thumb for cutting nails is if you’re cutting so far that it hurts, you've gone too far. Ask to have your toenails cut straight across versus having them cut rounded at the edges. If they are cut straight, they can grow further into your skin and prevent the toenail from lifting.

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