Father’s Day is approaching and although Dad may usually get a tie, tools, or grill accessories, perhaps it is time to get Dad something new this year? Taking care of his skin and his personal relaxation is just as important as it is for Mom. Consider signing Dad up for something new and watch as you both are surprised at just how much he enjoys it!

If you can’t convince Dad to get a facial, you may be able to get him to adopt these skin care tips to better care for his skin himself.

  1. Washing your face with traditional soap or body soap may seem adequate to keeping your skin fresh and clean but using a proper facial cleanser is more ideal for taking care of the grim of the day without drying out your skin excessively or damaging the skin cells.
  2. Men often are already familiar with how to handle this but there are ways to do it better. Like shaving immediately after a shower—this is when your skin is free of excess oil and dead skins cells and the skin is softened by the shower. Apply your favorite shaving cream (one with moisturizing effects is ideal) and let it sit for a few minutes before applying the blade. This will soften the hairs for an easier removal. Also remember to shave in the same direction of hair growth to avoid bumps and ingrown hairs. Rinse after each swipe of the blade to ensure each time you apply it back to your face it can provide the best shave.
  3. Yes, men should do this too! After shaving is always an ideal time for application of a moisturizer as shaving cream and the shaving process itself can dry out the skin. Moisturizing should also be done once in the evening and once in the morning for best results.
  4. Statistically, men are less likely to apply sunscreen, even when heading to the beach or a planned day in the sun. However, they are just as susceptible to the harmful effects of UV rays and should apply a minimum of SPF 30 (broad-spectrum) sunscreen.

Caring for Dad is one of the best things you can do for Father’s Day and every day, year-round. So, if you need a refreshing Father’s Day gift idea, contact Essentials Spa in Brandon for a unique experience catered to the dad in your life.