We all know—or should know—that exfoliation is a primary part of a good skincare regime. It is a necessary step in cleansing and treating the face to ward of acne and the best way to slough off dead skin cells from the rest of the body.

But, did you know you should also exfoliate your nails?

Its true!

Nails have layers of onychocytes, or dead nail cells, that lead to the splitting and peeling of your nail. Your nail cells die and become brittle when dehydrated or they become damaged from environmental factors and don’t recover. Extreme temperatures, hot water, handling chemicals (like cleaning or doing dishes without gloves), and polish remover are the most common culprits of environmental factors that damage and destroy your nail cells.

When these layers are not exfoliated, they can peel off or lead to a buildup and discoloration of the nails. Exfoliating your nails at least once a week can help to keep them healthy and strong. Exfoliating your nails can also prevent chipping and breakage of your nails as well as the ridges that occur at the nail matrix (the nail plate where the structure of your nail is produced).

Scrubbing your nails with a loofah or a scrub brush may not be enough to get the job done properly. Applying glycolic acid, yes the same used to fight acne, to effectively exfoliate your nails and help rejuvenate your nail beds.  Add exfoliation to your regular home nail care or as apart of routine manicures.

Routine visits to your nail stylist can also ensure your nails are well cared for. Contact our front desk today to schedule your next nail care appointment.