Aging, lack of activity, overuse, stress, and injury can cause muscles to tighten up, limiting their range of motion. This can cause a ripple effect in throughout the body—cause postural issues, back pain, shoulder pain, joint pain, and well, pain in general. Assisted stretching serves to keep your muscles healthy.

What Is Assisted Stretching?

Assisted stretching is a very technical form of massage therapy. A massage therapist manipulates a targeted group of muscles, stretching them and working out knots. A massage therapist may help stretch several areas of concern, like the shoulders, back, chest, and arms for swimmers or the muscles throughout the leg for runners. They may also provide assisted stretching for the whole body for those who are looking to maintain the health of their muscles such as those who are elderly, may not get enough regular activity, or are in a recovery period after an intensive activity (such as a marathon).

During an assisted stretch, your massage therapist may manipulate your limbs—lifting your leg in the air while you push against them to help intensify a traditional stretch of your hamstring muscles.

Benefits of Assisted Stretching


With proper and thorough stretching from a trained professional massage therapist, recipients can enjoy more flexibility—moving more freely and with a wider range of motion.


With your muscles better prepared for movement—and a wide range of movement at that—your mobility increases as your flexibility does. Stretching also aids in reducing stress to your joints, so you can keep moving, longer.

Enhanced Performance

Tension and overuse are common ailments of athletes. Assisted stretching helps aid recovery of the muscles as much as it can help prepare them active use.

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Whether you’re an athlete or looking to take better care of your muscles, our Assisted Stretch service will help loosen muscles, improve mobility, and reduce risk of injury. Also review our other massage services to see how else we can further your wellness.