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This Is Why You Should Use A Hair Mask DURING Your Workout

Women lead busy lives and if there is a way to multitask to help us stay healthy and have great hair—why not try it?

This is no trick—and not only will it save you 15-20 minutes in the shower (and help preserve some water), but it will also help you maximize your deep conditioning treatment! When our bodies are hot, we lose the heat through our pores, and the most amount of heat lost is from our heads. It's why we wear caps in the winter and always put a cap on a baby—to help moderate our body temperature.

So, what does that mean for deep conditioning your hair and working out? Well, when you work out, your body warms up and heat escapes through your scalp. This heat opens the pores of your scalp and the cuticles of your hair, which can allow for deeper penetration of your deep conditioner.

Before your next workout, apply your favorite deep conditioning mask to your (dry) hair after getting dressed in the appropriate workout gear. Using a wide-toothed comb, work the conditioner from your roots to your ends and then braid it or pull it back into a bun. This allows for more control of your hair over loose strands.

Head to the gym and take part in your usual routine for the day—with exception of any workout that may require you to lay on the floor. If you go to a gym, it would be poor gym etiquette to leave the conditioner on the floor, so bring along a towel to lay down for protection.

When your workout is complete, you can shower at home or the gym—just don’t shampoo your hard-earned deep conditioning. You’ll see improved results of shinier and healthier hair if you exercise while the conditioner sits.

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