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The Top 5 Health Advantages Massage Therapy Provides

Massage therapy is becoming a therapy method that is increasingly being recognized as an appropriate prevention and remedy for many ailments. While at one time it was thought of as a supplemental method of treatment, it has now become a far more popular option. And because massage therapy is now being viewed as a traditional therapy method, several insurance providers are now offering policies that include massage therapy sessions as a covered treatment option.

Massage therapy is a type of treatment that uses a manual approach to enhance blood flow, decrease stress and anxiety, alleviate muscle tension, promote proper sleep, and provide complete relaxation for the whole body, in addition to promoting overall health and well-being and providing several other added benefits.

A person’s soft tissue is made up of areas such as muscular tissue, connective tissue, and ligaments. When somebody is stressed or has been injured, their soft tissue may tighten and require a release to properly heal from substantial nerve or muscle harm that is causing them to suffer. Massage therapy could be a treatment option worthy of trying. This article looks at a few of the many advantages massage therapy treatments can provide.

Massage Therapy Relieves Stress and Anxiety and Promotes Overall Relaxation  

Anytime our bodies have unnecessary pressure placed upon our muscles and nerves it causes them to tense-up. This also encourages production of harmful amounts of cortisol, the hormone known for increasing stress and anxiety, which often causes a person to have issues with digestion, gain weight, lose sleep, and suffer from headaches. Therapeutic massages have proven to be effective at reducing cortisol hormone levels and allowing a person’s entire body to jump into a restorative healing function.

Additionally, this type of treatment activates long-term positive sensations such as calmness, enhanced emotional well-being, and decreased degrees of anxiety. In addition to supporting recovery of tension, therapeutic massages are also able to increase stamina, minimize discomfort all over the body, and promote overall well-being in a person’s physical and emotional health when an individual receives frequent massage therapy treatments for an extended time frame.

Massage Therapy Supports Increased Circulation and Aides In Reducing Blood Pressure

There are many lasting rewards massage therapy treatments provide that should not be overlooked. Enhanced blood flow throughout the body develops when an individual gets consistent therapeutic massages on a recurring schedule. This benefit arises because correct circulation delivers the healthy blood flow injured, rigid, and stressed muscle tissues must have to encourage the recovery process to begin.

Massage therapy can be used to reduce blood pressure by improving circulation and reducing depression, stress, and anxiety. There is existing long-term research that has proven receiving regular massages can lower both the systolic and diastolic levels of blood pressure, and subsequently decrease the threat of strokes, kidney failure, heart attacks, and several other overall health problems. Therapeutic massages encourage enhanced circulation by applying manual pressure to the impacted area to direct blood flow through injured and overloaded parts of a person’s body. The discharge from this very same force allows brand-new blood to circulate through the body.

Additionally, therapeutic massages use an approach involving pulling, squeezing, and twisting which eliminates lactic acid located in the muscles. Because of this, such a technique enhances the lymph circulation, carrying metabolic waste items out of vital organs and apart from muscle tissue. This function benefits the body by reducing blood pressure and enhancing the body’s all-

around functioning.

Massage Therapy Encourages Muscle Relaxation

The primary objective of any type of massage therapy treatment should be to focus on the cause of your body’s discomfort by releasing stiff muscle tissues, improving muscle elasticity, and soothing any impacted muscles in addition to the entire body. Because therapeutic massages also encourage healthy blood circulation towards any impacted muscle tissues, there is an increased supply of oxygen and nutrients delivered to broken or injured muscle tissue, which eliminates swelling and rigidness within the impacted joints and tissues and improves elasticity to minimize discomfort in the area.

Finally, this type of treatment can also give off endorphins, which in turn increases the levels of dopamine and serotonin within the body. Each of these hormones aide the body in several aspects—mentally, emotionally, and physically improving our overall health and well-being.

Massage Therapy Supports Good Posture

Several people suffer from neck, back, and muscle pain caused by many different factors. Having said that, the main source of such discomfort is a result of improper posture. Therapeutic massages can assist in realigning the spine and correcting poor posture by allowing the muscles to unwind and loosen. Additionally, the body’s joints will have a better range of movement and pressure points will be alleviated. These combined effects will enable the body to reposition itself in a natural and healthy manner.

Massage Therapy Supports A Healthy Immune System  

Frequently receiving therapeutic massages supplies numerous benefits to our overall health and well-being. People who have higher levels of anxiety and stress tend to be extra susceptible to many illnesses and injuries. Because anxiety and stress often cause disturbances in sleep and bad eating habits, the effects of such stress and anxiety are aimed towards our immune system.

When this happens, the immune system’s capacity to holistically defend the body from unhealthy germs, viruses, and infections becomes significantly diminished. However, research shows regularly receiving massages does not only assist in minimizing stress and anxiety but may also enhance the immune system’s natural ability to provide proper nutrition and fight off illness.

Now that you know the many benefits your body can receive from therapeutic massages, contact Brandon Essentials today to schedule your next massage therapy session.

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