Men think they know everything they need to know about their hair care and hair style. After all, they have been wearing it for their entire lives and have survived the good, the bad, and the ugly hair style trends that have come and gone. However, most men don’t realize that they are all making the same common mistakes when it comes to their hair care routines. Men could be causing more damage to their hair than good without even realizing it.

Below is a list of the most common hairstyle and hair care mistakes men are making and how to avoid them:

  1. Being too rough on your scalp.

Men are almost always too rough on their scalps when washing their hair. Whether it is from being in a hurry or worrying about not getting their hair clean enough, many men scratch their scalp or scrub their hair too harshly while washing. This can cause damage to your hair follicles which causes hair loss and slows growth.

The Fix? Gently massage your hair and scalp while washing your hair. This will promote circulation which encourages healthy hair growth.

  1. Washing too often.

Most men wash their hair every day. This is really too much. Washing your hair too much will strip your hair of its natural oils that help protect it. This will make your hair weak, dry, and brittle which will cause it to break.

The Fix? Wash your hair only two or three times each week. If you really feel the need to “wash” your hair every day it is ok to rinse it under water in between washes.

  1. Using the “2-in-1” shampoos and conditioners.

Men have the same two excuses for this mistake: “it saves time” or “it saves money”. But shampoo and conditioner are two separate products because they have two different jobs. The shampoo cannot properly clean your hair without opening the pores on your scalp and your hair cuticles to remove the excess oil and dirt. On the other hand, the conditioner is used to close the pores and cuticles to help keep your hair and scalp cleaner longer. It is impossible for a 2-in-1 product to effectively do the job of both products.

The Fix? This one is simple – make sure you are using separate shampoo and conditioner. You should wash your hair with shampoo first at the beginning of your shower, rinse out completely, then put the conditioner in and allow it to soak through the rest of your shower, rinse the conditioner completely out at the very end.

  1. Using too much hair styling product and not applying it correctly.

The old saying “less is more” is key here. More product will not make it easier to control your hair. A lot of men wind up using too much product simply because they are making the mistake of putting the product in their hair while it is still wet. When your hair is wet it is difficult to gauge how much product you have used and the water in your hair will actually dilute your product, lessening the effectiveness of the product. When your hair does dry this will leave your hair looking greasier and clumpier, the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish.

The Fix? At a minimum towel dry your hair before applying product. Ideally you should gently blow dry it beforehand. Drying your hair first will leave it fuller and make it easier for you to style and will help ensure you do not overuse product.

  1. Choosing a hairstyle that will never work for you.

When it comes to choosing a hairstyle for men there are just as many options as there are for women. A common mistake that men make with their hairstyle is choosing one that does not work well for their hair type or their face structure. This means the hairstyle does not work for them, and it never will! Just because the style looks great on another man doesn’t mean it will look great on you too. 

The Fix? Consult with your barber about the hairstyles that a right for your hair type and face structure. It is ok to ask for help.