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The Modern Gentleman’s Guide To The Art Of Manscaping

Men let’s talk about something most men are now doing, but no one is talking about. That’s right—manscaping. While the idea of manscaping may make you feel feminine, the truth is most men use some form of manscaping regularly. In fact, manscaping has become so popular over the past few years that a survey by Fragrance Direct shows that men now spend twice as much time on hair removal than women do, and they spend more money on it. Over half of all men regularly groom their chest, back, or leg hair and almost half of all men groom their eyebrows on a weekly basis. But manscaping is an art form, so we’ve gathered all the information you will need to truly perfect the art of manscaping.

Why Manscape?

You probably have found yourself thinking, why would so many men be choosing to manscape? Well, there are many benefits to manscaping, including helping you feel more confident and sexier, helping your feel cleaner, enhancing muscle definition, and helping keep you more comfortable. Additionally, many women now prefer men who use some form of manscaping to keep themselves well-groomed.

Determine Which Part(s) of the Body You Want To Manscape

Before you can get started on properly mastering the art of manscaping, you must decide which areas of your body need manscaping. The most popular areas of manscaping include:

  • Chest: some men view their chest hair as a part of what makes them “manly”, while many other men are joining the movement of manscaping and choosing to either trim or completely remove hair on their chest.
  • Back: most men groom the hair on their backs because it is both unsightly and uncomfortable.
  • Arms & Legs: many men are choosing to use manscaping to remove the hair on their arms and legs for the practical benefits of increasing aerodynamic performance in sports and activity.
  • Armpits: believe it or not, a growing number of men are choosing to remove the hair on their armpits because it is both unnecessary and uncomfortable.
  • The Nether Regions: if you aren’t already part of the 90% of men who use some form of manscaping to keep their nether region looking and feeling its absolute best, then you need to start today.

Choose Your Tools Carefully And Wisely

Once you have chosen which areas of your body you will manscape, it is now time to decide which methods and tools you will use. Just as men have many options in which areas of the body they will manscape, they also have many options in the method they will use and the tools that method will require. No matter which method you choose, it is important to choose good-quality tools, as any masterpiece requires the right tools to complete. Your options for the method you use include:

  • Shaving: a very common method of hair removal, shaving is fast, simple, and inexpensive. But, just like shaving your face, you run the risk of cutting yourself, developing ingrown hairs, and razor burn.
  • Waxing: this method involves ripping the hair out from the root, offering longer-lasting results than shaving. Using this method will leave you reasonably hair free for about one month.
  • Plucking: this method requires the manual removal of individual hairs using tweezers, most commonly used to tame eyebrows because of the precision it provides.
  • Sugaring: this method is an ancient hair removal technique using a sugar paste to remove hairs. Sugaring is similar to waxing, although slightly less painful, and is a good method for larger areas of the body.
  • Depilatory Creams: these creams are what you think of when you think of your wife’s Veet or Nair hair removal products. There are depilatory creams made specifically for men. These creams contain chemicals that weaken hairs at the root, so they simply fall away.
  • Body Groomers: this method is becoming increasingly more popular with men, with around 21% of men now owning a body grooming tool. Body groomers are easy to use trimmers that provide control over how much hair you remove and how much you leave behind, get the job done quickly, and rarely cause cuts or irritation.

Consider Professional Help! Whether you want a professional to assist you with removing unwanted body hair, or you need a professional because you simply can’t reach all the areas you need to remove body hair from, contact Brandon Essentials Spa today to schedule your appointment with our professional estheticians. We look forward to helping you find the perfectly manscaped look that is right for you.  

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