Spring is in full swing and that means that Summer is just around the corner! The time for outdoor fun, beach going, and back yard barbeques is nearly here. With that being said, it is important to know the difference in the approach to your skincare routine that you should have during the Summer months.  Here are a few great tips to not only help your  skin stay beautiful, but also to protect it from sun damage, dryness, and aging.   



Many of us wouldn’t dare go out to one of our Summer fun day activities without first putting on makeup, and at the very least we should all be applying a sunscreen made specifically for the face, but makeup and sunscreen can cause clogged pores, and can lead to dark spots and uneven skin tone. Any time you apply any type of product to your face that could potentially clog pores, it is important to properly clean your face to remove the pore clogging products in the evening. Using a daily face wash and non-alcoholic makeup remover such as a wipe will help keep your pores clear and will help maintain your naturally beautiful skin. 



Serums are a vital part of keeping your skin looking and feeling it’s best, especially during the Summer time when  the temperatures can easily exceed 90 degrees. Between the intense heat and ultra-violent rays from the sun, your skin can dry out easily. Using a high-quality serum will lock in moisture and keep your natural oils and skin elasticity in balance.  



Is that Summer heat and sun drying your skin out too much? During the Summer months, using a moisturizer full of vitamins and minerals will replenish your skin and also protect it against additional wind damage, sun burn, and elemental pollutants.   



Always start your day with applying a sunscreen on your face, before you apply your makeup. Some moisturizers and foundation have sunscreen built in to them, but it is important to consider the level of SPF and whether it is strong enough to protect you throughout the day. You may need to add an additional facial sunscreen, even if your moisturizer or foundation has it built in. This will act as a protective base and should always be a minimum of SPF 50. 



Retinols are always recommended, but if you’re having more fun in the sun than normal, it may be wise to use your trusty retinol nightly. Consider rebuilding collagen and preventing anti-aging. Clear damage and debris on the skin while promoting healthy collagen and elastin. 

To schedule a hydrating facial to prepare your skin for the summer heat, contact Brandon Essentials today. Our licensed estheticians can help you determine the skincare routine that is right for your skin.