There is a LOT of information out on the world wide web about how to best take care of your skin and not all of them are the same. Some lists are not created equally—and some lists are just plain inaccurate. To help provide some professional advice from licensed and trained estheticians, here are a few myths we found and busted.

Myth #1: Skip moisturizing if you have oily skin.

No. Just no. Oily skin has nothing to do with the moisture of your skin cells. You should still apply a moisturizer to your face as a part of your skin care routine. Moisturizer does more than just keep your cells hydrated; it is also formulated to balance out skin tone. You just won’t need as much as someone with naturally dry skin.

Myth # 2: Permanently rid yourself of cellulite.

Sorry, but not possible—and don’t fret!! Too often we concern ourselves with images we see in ads or on tv—their cellulite has just been photoshopped out. Plus, its hard to avoid cellulite since it is hereditary. Products can only minimize the visibility of cellulite, not destroy it completely, and exercise and healthy eating can help to reduce it.

Myth #3: All-natural products work best.

Actually, medical-grade products do. While some natural ingredients can help, most “natural” products don’t contain enough to make a difference. Medical-grade skin care products with pharmaceutical ingredients do work the best to correct, change, and improve the skin.

Myth # 4: Drinking water will solve your acne problem.

Well, sort of, but that isn’t the whole picture. Water is great—it is the source of life; however, there are many other aspects you need to consider and implement aside from just drinking plenty of water for skin health.

Myth # 5: Rubbing alcohol “kills” acne germs.

Please don’t. Rubbing alcohol is ok as an anti-septic but it dries out the skin and can be very irritating to the more sensitive skin cells of your face. When you dry out your face unnaturally, your body will try to make up for that dryness with an extra boost of sebum (skin’s oil)…which will cause a breakout.

To ensure you are taking the best care of your skin, meet with an esthetician and have your skin reviewed by a pro.