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Should I Stretch Before My Massage?

Massages are beneficial to so many aspects of life. They help to relax the muscles, rid the body of toxins, increase blood circulation, release feel-good hormones, de-stress, and gain better flexibility. If you're planning on getting a massage, keep in mind one simple act to get the most out of your experience. Before you go in for your massage appointment, you should...stretch!

Stretching Before A Massage

Stretching before a massage is immensely beneficial to reap all the advantages a massage gives. When scheduled to receive any type of massage, stretching beforehand helps to relax the muscles and improve circulation. It can be especially beneficial if your massage is for rehabilitative purposes, like a sports massage or neuromuscular massage.

Stretching can lead to quicker recovery from physical stresses and restoration of tissue health. As for a routine massage, these massages will help to improve your flexibility, so stretching beforehand only helps the massage achieve this goal and make your muscles less prone to injury.

Types of Stretches

Stretches that help lengthen muscles and improve range of motion include (but are not limited to):

Over time, the accumulation of physical stress can cause muscles to become tight and sore. Compression on the joints can lead to dysfunction and pain. Even being sedentary can cause muscles to contract. Immobility slows the blood flow to the muscles, causing cramps and making stretching more difficult. So, it's a good idea to not only stretch before a massage but to stretch on a regular basis.

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