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Sanitas Professional Custom Facial

Nourish your skin with our Sanita’s Professional Custom Facial treatment. This facial is professionally customized for your skin type and utilizes products specifically designed for your skin to address your problem areas.
Starting with an initial skin evaluation and consultation, one of our highly skilled estheticians will review your skin care needs to determine which Sanita’s facial products to employ to achieve the best results for you. We combine evidence based Sanita’s products with expert skincare knowledge to give you outstanding results.
Following your consultation, your esthetician will begin a gentle steam cleanse of the surface of your skin, ensuring all make-up and surface dirt and oil has been removed, opening and preparing your pores for a deep cleanse and pore extractions. Once your skin has been exfoliated, a gentle facial massage is given to work in the Sanita’s facial product specific to your skin type that are infused with vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes that specifically target your skins cells to boost hydration, restore their vitality and elasticity, and promote rapid skin cell renewal.
Because Sanita’s facials are professionally custom tailored to each client’s individual skin type and needs, they make the perfect facial option for those with the following skin types:
  • Sensitive: Skin that is allergy prone, easily irritated by most products in the market, or predisposed to redness can benefit from the soothing ingredients that combat redness and irritation while working to strengthen skin cells against the harsh elements.
  • Dry: Active ingredients of the progenerate facial for dry skin helps to encourage the skin’s own production of moisture while providing a jumpstart in hydration – leaving our skin smoother and naturally glowing.
  • Normal: Just because your skin may have been labeled as “normal” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take special care of it. The progenerate facial can help maintain your skin’s healthy pH levels and held defend against daily damage and exposure to the elements that can cause premature aging.
  • Combination: Finding the right balance of skin care products to treat both the oily and dry parts of your skin can be difficult, but the answer is found in the progenerate facial. Designed to balance out your skin’s sebum (oil) production – bring moisture where it’s needed most without drying out other areas.
  • Oily: The progenerate facial for oily skin types focuses on unclogging pores, controlling shine, removing excess oil from the skin’s surface while working deep underneath the surface of the skin to regain control over your skin’s sebum production. Schedule your one-on-one with one of our estheticians and get your skin back on track to becoming healthy.
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