The end of the year may be a time for enjoyment, but it can also be trimmed with stress. Planning, shopping, cleaning, hosting a party—all things that can increase the stress of an already busy life (or worsen winter blues).

It is important to remember to pause, relax, and take time for yourself no matter how busy you get. Not sure how to deal with the added stress or where to begin in order to relax? Here are a few tips to help maintain your sanity during the busy holiday and end of the year time:

  1. Stick to your routine. The end of the year is often when we indulge the most. It may be tempting to go for more pie, but if you don’t often eat sweets as part of your normal health routine, the extra sugar will just make you feel weighed down and fatigued. Don’t skip your morning workout or yoga session either—those sales can wait! When you stick with your routine, you can help keep stress at bay and find healthier ways to cope with it.
  2. Say no. Its ok to say no during the holiday season—no to hosting the New Year’s party, no to extra pie, no to the long lines at the store. When you add to your to-do list unnecessarily, you add on to your stress. And if you don’t have to, then don’t.
  3. Take time to unwind. Schedule yourself a massage (or a full-blown spa day), take a long, hot bubble bath, read a good book, or go for a hike. Whatever it is that helps you unwind the most, make time for it in your routine. Doing things to help you de-stress are the only healthy breaks in your otherwise regular routine.

Essentials Spa in Brandon has several services, from relaxing massages to nails and hair appointments that will not only make you look your best but truly feel your best. Massages are scientifically linked to helping people de-stress and feel better and time for yourself regardless of the activity is key to self-care.