Essentials Massage & Spa Now Offers Spray Tanning!

We are proud (and excited!) to be offering spray tanning services to our clients, enhancing our full-service spa.

Spray tanning is a popular way to even your skin complexion before hitting the shores or making a debut at a big summer event—without the hours wasted outdoors in the heat and humidity or the risk for a burn!

If you have never had a spray tan before, here is a general overview of what to expect:

  • We recommend arriving without make up (including foundation or primer), lotion, and/or deodorant on. These can interfere with the application of the tanning spray. Also, pinning your hair up in advanced can be helpful as can a clear coat of nail polish on your fingernails and toenails as these surfaces can be stained by the spray.
  • Also, be sure to arrive in loose fitting (and preferably dark colored) clothing to avoid transferring any spray to your garments.
  • Once you arrive and are taken back to one of our spray tanning prep areas, you will be provided the opportunity to remove and store your clothing. It is common for clients to receive a spray tan while sans clothing but if that is outside of your comfort zone, plan to wear undergarments or a bikini you don’t mind getting sprayed. Keep in mind that wherever is covered, will leave tan lines. Don’t forget to remove all jewelry.
  • Once you’re in the tanning “tent”, your spa therapist will typically start at your head (well, face) and work their way down and then front to back, dispersing the tanning spray with a spray gun. FYI, its cold.
  • You may be asked to move, bend, or stretch in a particular manner. This is to avoid leaving behind streaks of white in areas that are commonly creased while standing.
  • Following completion of the spray, you’ll get “dried off” with a fan or air hose and may require some areas, like your knees, ankles, wrists, and palms may be buffed or wiped to ensure even application.
  • When you are completely dry, you’ll get dressed. Loose fitting clothing is ideal to avoid excessive rubbing against the fresh application of your spray tan.
  • Follow your post application instructions! To ensure your spray tan is maximized for length, follow the instructions you are provided. This includes continuing using sunscreen while outside, avoid swimming or bathing for at least 4 hours (and note, extended exposure to chlorine after this period can break down your spray tan), sweating or activities that make you sweat for at least four hours, moisturize daily, and avoid body scrubs or exfoliating soaps.

For the whole month of June, we are launching our new service with a special price! Only $35 for each single session and just $10 for each additional layer you want to add. Contact us today to schedule your spa spray tanning appointment. Just in time to kick off summer!