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Neuromuscular Massage

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy (NMT) is specifically used to address the pain you are currently dealing with, no matter where it is. You must first understand that your nervous system controls everything in your body, including muscle tension and the amount of pain you can deal with.
Neuromuscular massage therapy is a style of bodywork that uses constant, focused pressure on a specific area. This pressure is applied for a period lasting up to 30 seconds, and uses the fingertips, knuckles, elbow, or possibly a small tool called a t-bar. NMT is based on the following premise: Muscle spasms do not have to involve the entire muscle. There can be small areas of spasm that refer, or transfer, pain to another area. These areas are called trigger points because they trigger a pain reaction in a different spot from where the spasm is located.
NMT is a deep tissue massage that addresses individual specific muscles, ligaments, connective tissue, and tendons that are often overlooked in a typical relaxation type of massage.

How Can Neuromuscular Massage Benefit Me?

Neuromuscular Therapy will be used to work on each of the five elements that cause pain in each of us:
  1. Ischemia - A dire need of blood supply to soft tissues, which causes hypersensitivity when touched.
  2. Trigger Points - These are really stressed points in muscles, which refer pain to other parts of the body. For example, a trigger point in your left shoulder can cause pounding headaches.
  3. Nerve Compression - This is extreme pressure on a nerve caused by soft tissue, cartilage, or bone.
  4. Postural Distortion - Posture is defined as the upright, well-balanced position of an individual's spine. Postural distortion is when the spine is not upright or well-balanced.
  5. Biomechanical Dysfunction - This refers to the imbalance of the muscular skeletal system due to bad habits such as:
    • Incorrect lifting habits
    • Incorrect posture
    • Poor exercise techniques
    • Constant cell phone usage
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