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Need a Last Minute Gift? Reasons To Give Massage As A Gift

Gift cards may seem like the easy gift idea this holiday season; however, they make excellent, thoughtful gifts when you select a gift card for the right place—like an experience or for a service the recipient may not indulge in otherwise. We offer gift cards that can be used for any of our massage and spa services that can make the ideal gift for someone in your life who needs a bit of relaxation or self-indulgence.

Need more reasons to give a massage (or other spa services) as a gift? We have them!

    1. A massage can provide your recipient with the chance to relax—a gift card for Essentials Massage & Facials grants them the opportunity to indulge in a bit of relaxation with little guilt. It is common for many individuals to put off self-care—whether it is a much-need deep tissue massage to loosen up the shoulders (where stress loves to hide) or revitalizing our appearance with a new cut or refreshing facial. Sometimes the reason is the cost or the time. Having a gift card handles one aspect that may hold them back and receiving a massage or spa service as a gift can help motivate the receiver to make the time to use their gifted experience.
    2. Gifted experiences can be considered more thoughtful and more gratifying. Read more about the studies and research supporting this here.
    3. A professional massage can be life-changing—and we aren’t just saying that. The experience and effects of professional massage therapy can be difficult to grasp for those who have never had one. However, massages can be deeply therapeutic in several ways—from physical to emotional.
    4. A gift card for a massage (or other Essentials’ Spa service) can be beneficial for any recipient, regardless of your relationship with them. From gifting for a Secret Santa work event to finding a suitable gift for your Mother-in-Law, massage gift cards are always a hit.
    5. Massages are a great way to gift health to someone. The benefits of a massage are endless—from the reduced pain and relaxation most people are aware of to the benefits that are less commonly talked about, such as:

Tips For Gifting A Massage or Spa Gift Certificate

If you are worried about the reaction of your recipient to receiving a gift certificate over a physical gift, here are some tips that help express the meaningfulness behind your gift:

  • Explain why you got them a massage. “I know you have been stressed lately and want you to take the time to relax and indulge in this experience to take your mind off of things.” Or, “I have had a professional massage before and it helped me [insert your reason for getting massages (relax, feel less pain, etc.)] and I wanted you to share in this experience and benefit as well.”
  • Dress it up. A simple card isn’t the most exciting thing to open, so make it more special for your recipient to “unwrap”. You can go the traditional route and create a gift basket with the person’s favorite treats, lotions, or smells—or get wickedly creative and put them on a scavenger hunt or wrap it in something hilariously hard to open.

You can easily purchase a gift certificate in-person or online! To purchase a gift certificate online, click here. You can choose from pre-set dollar amounts or purchase a custom amount. Gift cards can be used towards any service. You can also choose to send the certifcate to their inbox or to yours and print it off yourself to then gift to them. 

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