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Meet Michele, founder of
M Esthetica.

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Michele is a board certified nurse anesthetist and certified aesthestic nurse injector.  She obtained her masters in nursing from the prestigious University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.  Widely considered one of the top academic plastic surgery programs in the world, it was here that Michele first developed an interest in facial aesthetics.  She grew to love seeing the profoundly positive impact improved facial aesthetics can have on patients lives, and knew then that she wanted to be this type of a difference maker.

“To watch someone look into a mirror and be so excited by the face they see looking back…that’s the best.”

While training with and providing for anesthesia some of the countries most prominent aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeons, Michele’s passion for facial aesthetics blossomed. Here, she has developed an understanding of both how surgery can impact aesthetics, but more importantly a critical sense of when non-surgical aesthetic treatments can be employed to achieve dramatic but natural results.  In training to become a nurse injector, Michele sought out the best, and has been fortunate to learn from some of the countries leading nurse injectors.

Through this unique combination of clinical experiences and training, Michele has matured a skillset that works to turn back the hands of time and allow patients to be their best self.   From the very first time she meets a patient, it is her goal to develop an individualized treatment plan to meet their specific goals.  Her philosophy is simple…she wants your look to be natural, to be refreshed, to be timeless!


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By Michele Panetta
of M Esthetica
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