Although the majority of our clientele may be women, that doesn’t mean that men don’t deserve a good pampering, or to be able to walk in and receive a decent haircut or shave. Generally, all the treatments we have available for women can be slightly modified and tailored to any male’s unique needs, all you have to do is ask!

Whether you need to recover from the strain and tension put on your back, neck and shoulders from the day to day work grind, or you just want to look your best for an upcoming wedding, job interview, or date night – just step inside our world of luxury!  

We deliver a complete array of luxury men’s services, including men’s hair and waxing services, facial applications, a multitude of massage therapy applications, and, of course, we offer treatments for your hands & feet.

Follow through within this site and discover what these treatments actually do and let yourself dream about your next lavish treatment with us.

  • Men’s Eyebrow Cleanup – Eyebrow grooming is not just about achieving precisely shaped eyebrows. It is also about taming eyebrows that grow out of control. Unruly eyebrows happen to men too, which is why we provide the service. Starting at $15.00
  • Men’s Back & Chest Waxing – Back and chest hair removal is one of the most requested services among men clientele. Our removal treatment offers lasting results with minimal pain. Back Waxing starting at $75.00 and Chest Wax starting at $75.00
  • Men’s Express Facial – When your face needs a quick refresh, our team is ready to help you out. Present the best you on date night or your first day at the office with our Men’s Express Facial. $35
  • The Gentlemen’s Facial – The Gentleman’s Facial provides a comprehensive approach to the daily toll your skin endures. Starting at $65.00
  • Hand & Foot Detailing – Hand and foot detailing is the hidden gem of male grooming that is often overlook, and yet the most satisfying when done. Having great looking hands and feet completes the package of a well-groomed man. Hands starting at $20.00 and Feet staring at $30.00
  • Men’s Haircuts –  Men’s hairstyles and haircuts are a strategically crucial element of men’s image. Whether it’s a classical short cut or a layered longer look, our stylists are trained in all areas. Starting at $20.00
  • Head Shave – Bald is beautiful! Entrust your bare look to our skilled barber who will leave nothing but skin in this close straight razor shave. $20
  • Basic Beard Trim – Quickly and efficiently tidy your beard to encourage growth and keep a well-maintained look. $10
  • Beard Trim With Cheek Shave – While we are at it, have our barber perform a quick shave around your cheeks and trim back the growth to ensure your beard is well kept. $15
  • Neck Shave Only – That 5 o’clock stubble comes in faster than expected. Stop in for a quick re-grooming session and twice over with a straight edge razor and moisturizing lather. $15
  • Hot Towel Shave – Enjoy a rich lather and traditional straight edge shave accompanied by a hot towel press. $35
  • Hot Towel Close Shave – This relaxing escape begins with a hot towel press with a twice over shave of your neck, cheek, and jawline. Feel a closer shave than you’ve ever imagined. $45
  • Men’s Full Facial – Take a seat and enjoy the close shave provided by our twice over hot towel straight razor shave. We finish this full-service with a trimming of your sideburns, around your ears, clean up your eyebrows, and ensure your mustache (if you have one) is looking up to par.  $50