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Mens Hair Services

Gentlemen, we mustache you to come in and enjoy the setting Brandon Essentials Massage & Spa creates for our male clientele. You and your locks, beard, and/or mustache will receive top of the line treatment and care. We believe men deserve to look and feel their best. Enjoy improved confidence with salon quality looks for your hair, mustache, and beard. We have full-service hair trimming and neck shaving, as well as beard and mustache care and maintenance packages.
Hair Cut and Care
From the glorious beard and mustache to the hair on your head, our hair services are a crucial element of a man’s image. Whether it’s a classical short haircut or specific facial hair look, our stylists are trained in all areas.
Starting at $33
Hot Towel Shave (Once Over)
To start, a hot towel press in applied to your neck. Shaving cream is then applied to the neck and cheeks before our skilled barbers utilize a traditional straight razor to provide an excellent shave.
30 Minutes, $35
Hot Towel Close Shave (Twice Over)
This relaxing escape begins with a hot towel press and a protective layer of pre-shave oil massaged onto your skin. Shaving cream is then applied to the neck and cheeks in a rich, hot lather. Our skilled barbers utilize a traditional straight razor with the grain; then we re-lather your face once more, and shave against the grain to ensure a superb shave.
45 Minutes, $45
Neck Shave Only
That 5 o'clock stubble comes in faster than expected! Stop in for a quick re-grooming session and twice over with a straight edge razor and moisturizing lather. Keep looking stylish and well-groomed well past 5pm. A great way to save time and look your best!
20 Minutes, $15
Beard Trim With Cheek Shave
Our barber will comb and shape your beard to your preference, trimming to maintain its shape and cut away any excess growth. While they are at it, our barber will perform a quick straight razored shave around your cheeks and ensure your beard is neatly framed and well kept.
15 Minutes, $15
Beard and Mustache Oiling and Massage
Nothing feels better than a good massage except, maybe, a massage for your beard. A specialized oil is massaged into your beard or rubbed into your mustache and combed through. The oil is specially designed to smooth, hydrate, and nourish facial hair, while protecting your hair and skin from the harsh elements. This service can be added to any hair service or as a stand-alone service.
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