Our Men’s Express Facial is specifically designed for the unique male skin – helping to reduce razor burn and skin irritation from daily shaving while providing a deep cleanse of the pores. The Men’s Express Facial is an excellent choice for all skin types and restores moisture and even toning to your skin.

Come in and relax, let us take care of you. Your facial begins with a gentle cleanse of surface cells to remove the dirt and grim that accumulates daily. Once your face has been gently exfoliated your Esthetician will perform a facial massage to increase the blood flow to your facial skin cells, promoting healing, hydration, and removal of built up toxins in your skin cells.

A cleansing mask is applied to further rid skin cells of the built-up sebum (skin’s natural oil production) that can cause breakouts and uneven skin tone. This is followed with a mild moisturizer to rehydrate the skin and protect it from daily abuse – like shaving or exposure to the sun.

Facials aren’t just for women – they are for all individuals looking to properly care for their face and its delicate skin. Soap and water don’t cut it when it comes to cleaning your face and it can actually do more harm than good when it comes to properly cleaning your face. A proper facial not only thoroughly cleans your face and hydrates it, but it also helps to protect your skin. Daily shaving, even every other day, can quickly irritate and dry out your skin leaving dry patches or red blotchy areas.

Show your skin some love and treat it right by scheduling an express facial for yourself or the guy in your life.