For some men, an early sign of age with the “salt and pepper” gray peeking through their hair helps give them the little extra look of maturity to help them standout in their career. The man best known for this is George Clooney, whose salt and pepper hair has been a trademark of his that has separated him from so many others throughout the years. However, for the majority of men in today’s working world, this look of maturity does not help them stand out in a positive way as more and more companies seem to prefer younger and younger employees. But what can men do to properly cover their premature gray and keep their youthful look?


There are so many commercials that will make it look like covering your premature gray can be a quick and simple DIY you can do at home. However, this usually is not the case. Not only is boxed dye worse for your hair, but it typically is very difficult to find a boxed dye color that matches yours correctly. If you walk down the aisle of boxed hair dyes at any store you will notice that almost the entire aisle is made up of different brands and colors designed for women, and then there is a tiny section of products for men offered in very limited color variations. But the color of your hair is just as unique as the color of your car! You wouldn’t take any red paint and try to cover a scratch in your car just because your car is red, because the variation in that color of red may not match and would may even make your car look worse – the same concept applies to covering your premature gray in your hair! You need to take advantage of a professional specialty hair dye service that is designed specifically for men both to protect the health of your hair and to ensure you match your unique color perfectly!


In addition to box dyes being harsher and making it more difficult to find the right color, trying to DIY hair dye is just simply messy. You can easily wind up with dye all over your bathroom’s counters, floors, walls, and doors – not to mention your shower when you wash it out – and this dye may stain these surfaces and be difficult to get out. Don’t risk making a mess at home by trying to dye your hair yourself. Leave the work and cleanup to us! We’ll make sure that you leave with the perfect color and clean clothes and skin!


As stated before, sometimes a little bit of gray is not a bad thing for a man’s look. By taking advantage of our men’s hair dye services you will be paired with a professional stylist who will help you maintain control of your hair – and keep any grays you do want, while covering up the ones you don’t!