Not long ago it was not only considered the standard, but also sexy, for men to have as much hair as possible. It was a source of pride for men to have a hairy chest and allow the hair to peek through their shirts. Unfortunately, this is no longer the standard for what is considered desirable and appealing. With men naturally growing more hair in areas that are difficult to shave, what can they do to tame this unwanted hair? Men – you don’t have to just keep covering your body up to hide unwanted or embarrassing hair. Waxing services are not just for women! There are specialty waxing services that are designed specifically with men in mind. These services will be performed with the highest discretion and will be between you and your professional stylist only – as it should be.

What types of waxing services are available for men?


One of our most popular services for men is our waxing service for back and shoulders. Men often have thick hair that grows on their back and shoulders – that is often itchy, uncomfortable, and causes excess sweat. Even if no one else sees your back, men often choose this service for their own convenience and comfort!


Another popular service for men is our specialty waxing service for your chest. This service is tailored to fit your specific wishes as it is understandable that some men like to keep a little chest hair while others don’t want any at all. No matter what your preference, our professional stylists can work with you to achieve your desired look!


The shape and style of our eyebrows has grown increasingly more important for both women and men over the years. Sure, you can try to pluck them yourself, but it hurts and takes forever to do. Our men’s eyebrow waxing service is designed to help you keep your eyebrows nice and full while also giving them a manageable look and shape and taming any of the unwanted hairs.


Our men’s waxing services for arms and legs are very popular and important to men who are involved in the fitness and athletic industry. Our professional stylists can help you get rid of the unwanted hair and maximize your performance!

We understand that many men still enjoy having some hair as they still feel it gives them their manliness – however you still can use men’s waxing services to make sure that hair is kept only in the areas you choose and at the length that you want it to be! Call to speak with one of our professional stylists and discuss options that will suit your specific needs today!