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How To Toughen Up Weak Nails

One of the best ways to help strengthen your nails is to keep them moisturized. There are also a few other things you can do to help strengthen your nails and keep them healthy.

Winter Nail Care Tips You Can Use All Year!

Now’s the time to plan the perfect resolution to step up your nail care routine.

While Florida’s winter may differ from the rest of the county, we still experience cool temperatures that can affect our skin, hair, and nails. As December comes to an end, so will our sporadic warm days—January is usually our coldest month, so it would be wise to prepare your new nail care regime now.

Cold air and a lack of moisture in the air can cause known issues such as our hair and skin to be dry; however, it can also affect our nails, causing them to become brittle and peel or crack easily.

Why or how does this happen? The dry, cold air pulls moisture from your body—down to your fingernails. Luckily, there are things to be done to counter this natural cause of winter dryness. These tips can still be followed during warmer months to maintain your healthy nails.

A New Nail Care Regime For A New Year

To counter the effects of the cool dry air, try these steps to recoup the health of your nails.

Healthy Nails With Brandon Essentials Massage and Spa

Maintaining a good, daily regime can help strengthen your nails and prevent breakage or chipping during the winter months. A routine manicure can also help to strengthen your nails. A manicurist at Brandon Essentials can help to shape and buff your nail to encourage the growth of strong nails while using products that are best for nail care. Contact us to schedule a manicure and help you start a better nail care regime.

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