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How To Select And Use Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Walking into any grocery, convenience, or body product store and you are likely overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available for skin care, and more specifically, for anti-aging. Which do you buy? Which ingredients are more effective? How do you choose—especially if you have already made several purchases that didn’t pan out as well as advertised or as well as others claimed it did for themselves?

In this guide, we’ll share a few informational tidbits to help you decide which products will work best for you. You can also read more tips on our other blog Reduce Premature Skin Aging With These 10 Easy Steps.

How To Select Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

  1. Start your skincare product collection with sunscreen and moisturizer. These two products should be the foundation of your anti-aging skincare regime, especially if you are not outwardly showing signs of aging but are trying to jump on when it does. Aside from your age, the sun is one of the biggest contributors to aging. Moisturizers are important because, as our bodies age and as the environmental factors take their toll, our skin becomes dehydrated, and cells break down. A moisturizer helps to replenish the cells, helping your complexion look fresh. It can also help to minimize fine lines when the skin is plumper and elastic.
  2. Target a specific concern after allowing a basic routine of sunscreen and moisturizer applications to occur for a few weeks. Once these start to really show their effect, see what else there is left for you to even treat. Maybe it is deeper wrinkles the moisturizer cannot help enough or dark spots from exposure to the sun before you wore sunscreen more often. Then look for a product that targets that specific issue. No product can treat every contributing factor of aging, and using too many products to treat everything at once can irritate and harm your skin.
  3. Check to see if the product was meant for a certain skin type. Even anti-aging products are not made equally for all skin types. Many manufacturers make considerations about their ingredients and how the products can affect oily or dry skin. So be sure you are buying the right anti-aging product for your skin type.
  4. Don’t mistake a higher price tag for higher effectiveness. Effective products can be found at a range of prices, so purchase within your budget and don’t feel compelled to buy something just because it is more expensive.
  5. Have realistic expectations about reversing signs of aging. We cannot stop the natural aging process. We can attempt to control the effects our environment and lifestyle can have on expediting or worsening signs of aging. Don’t buy into marketing tactics—no cream will be as effective as a surgical facelift and no moisturizer will undo deep wrinkles. What anti-aging products and facials can do is provide modest results for younger-looking skin, usually with time and patience.

If you are looking to jump-start your anti-aging skincare regime, need a boost in your skin’s care, or need help selecting the right anti-aging products, contact Brandon Essentials Spa. We have custom facials specifically built around fighting the signs of aging. Call to schedule your anti-aging facial or consult with an esthetician.

Maximize Results From Anti-Aging Skin Care Products With These Spa Tips

While you can’t stop your body from naturally aging, there are some things you can do to help hide the signs of aging skin while providing overall care to your skin and face. One such thing is using specific products designed to target skin issues that frequently lead to aging.

To get the most out of using these products, here are a few tips to help you maximize results.

  1. Use only one product at a time. Using several anti-aging products is not going to increase the desired result or expedite how soon you see results. In actuality, it can irritate your skin—and irritated skin can accentuate those signs you are trying to hide or fade.
  2. Test a new product first. Before using a new product, even those not meant for anti-aging, on your face or hands (where the skin can be more sensitive) a good practice to test the product on your forearm. Apply a small amount of the product twice a day for about 5 days. If your skin does not react, then apply it to your face or other areas.
  3. Stop using anything that burns. A stinging, burning, or tingling sensation is not a sign a product is working. It is a reaction to the product—your skin is giving off signals the product is irritating it. This applies to over-the-counter, store, or salon-purchased skin care products. Select products prescribed by a dermatologist may have this specific side effect, so ask your physician first before you stop using it.
  4. Read and follow the directions. It may seem obvious how to use a product but be sure to read the label and instructions in full prior to adding the product to your skincare regime. Using a product more often or using too much during an application may complicate existing skin issues or aggravate your skin cells.
  5. Give the product time before switching. Some anti-aging skin care products may take days or even weeks before you notice results. Most products will explain this on the label—so be sure you are reading all of it, not just the warning or instructions. Some moisturizers show effects right away, plumping the skin and minimizing fine lines, but most anti-aging products take a minimum of 6 weeks to counter the natural and environmental effects on your skin.
  6. Include a moisturizer in your anti-aging skincare regime. Moisturizers help your skin cells rehydrate and retain water. When this happens, the skin is more plump and elastic—which can greatly improve the appearance of wrinkles, and bags under the eyes, and brighten your complexion for a more youthful appearance.

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More Anti-Aging Skincare Tips

If you are looking to jump-start your anti-aging skincare regime or need a boost in your skin’s care, we have custom facials specifically built around fighting the signs of aging. Contact Brandon Essentials Spa to schedule your anti-aging facial.

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