It’s been months since you’ve been able to do anything with your hair, and now that you are back in the salon, you are likely wanting to go all out and get back those luscious locks you were once sporting. To help make your revived look last longer, here are a few tips to extend the life of your blowout.

  • Request a clarifying shampoo wash ( or a double wash). This will help clean your hair of any and all build up and prime it for the new products and styling efforts that will be used to perfect your blowout.
  • Use and choose the right type of dry shampoo. Skipping a wash can help your blowout last an extra day but a good dry shampoo is needed to keep the oils your scalp is naturally producing from weighing it down. Find a dry shampoo that includes ingredients beneficial for your scalp like zinc, bisabolol, or allantonin.
  • Opt for silk pillowcases. Silk pillowcases aren’t just great for managing acne while you sleep. The smooth, frictionless fabric won’t roughen up your hair. You can swap a silk scarf wrap around your hair as well before bedtime.
  • Use “reviving” hair products to maintain your blowout. Stylers and re-stylers can help freshen your strands without weighing them down like traditional styling products.
  • Re-part your current ‘do. Parting your hair is often a natural reflex; however, parting your hair differently can help achieve a modified look and exposes a section of roots unblemished by the elements or styling products—making for a refreshed blowout.

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