Spa days at the Essentials Luxury Day Spa in Brandon can be some of the most relaxing and pampering days for our clients. We understand that, unfortunately, not every day can be a spa day (but we sure wish it could be!). So, to help our clients and even potential spa day clients have their very own at home spa day between their visits, we created this must have list for the perfect at home spa day recreation.

  1. Set The Mood. From the lighting and the music to what you are wearing. Slip on your bathrobe and slippers, dim the lights (or light some candles), and turn on soothing music – don’t forget your favorite aromatherapy smells! In order to truly have a spa day experience at home, it needs to feel like the spa environment. Setting the mood will kickstart your relaxation and set the tone for the rest of your day (or night).
  2. Quench Your Thirst. Recreate spa water cocktails by infusing your glass of water with berries, mint, cucumbers, citrus, or whatever your favorite may be. You can even top it off with one of those mini umbrellas from the store!
  3. Make Your Own Steam Cleanse. Full a large, wide rimmed bowl with hot but not quite boiling water. Place a towel over yourself and lean over the bowl. Be sure the towel overhangs a bit to help trap the steam. The steam will help open and cleanse your pores.
  4. Apply A Facial Cleanser Or Scrub. Following the cleanse, the facial mask is the perfect next step. You can use a product you already have at home or create your own concoction. Here is one of our favorite at home DIY facial masks that is easy to make with minimal ingredients:
    1. Blend the following ingredients in a small bowl: one scoop of yogurt, a squeeze of honey, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a pinch of nutmeg.
    2. Apply to your face and leave for 5 to 10 minutes. You may feel some tingling.
    3. Wash with warm water.
    4. For more information about this mask and its benefits, click here.
  5. Treat Your Hands And Feet. You can opt for giving your self a mani-pedi or sit back and relax with a nice foot soak while applying a deep moisturizing cream to your hands. Don’t skip a good foot massage, especially if you are on your feet all day.
  6. Take A Soothing Bath. And go all out too! The candles, rose petals, glass of wine, and/or aromatherapy scents or oils – everything you need to fully relax and detox from a long day.
  7. Do Your Own Hair. Depending on your hair needs, there are an array of solutions to give your hair and scalp some pampering too! Coconut oil can give a serious moisturizing boost to dry or frizzy hair. Need to remove build up in your hair, have an oily scalp, or want shinier, more vibrant hair? A sea-salt and shampoo blend make a great deep cleaning scrub with ideal results. Add a dab of coconut oil and your favorite essential oil and you’ll get the added benefits of each!