Getting a manicure is always a pleasurable way to relax and destress. And of course, we all want beautiful looking long-lasting nails. But there are many more benefits to a manicure than just having beautiful nails. A manicure will also leave your hands with a more youthful look and a softer feel, and also helps improve our circulation. But anyone who has gotten a few manicures in their past knows the frustration that comes with seeing a bubble or chip in the manicure you just had done. So here are a few things you can do to make your manicure last longer.

Maintain your manicure


Putting in some effort to maintain your manicure will allow you to be able to wait longer in between sessions. How you take care of your manicure after it is done is just as important as how well the manicure is completed to begin with. By consistently filing your nails in between your manicure sessions, you will encourage your nails to grow evenly. Likewise, buffing your nails in between manicure sessions removes ridges and prevents uneven edges from forming, and allows your nail polish to apply more evenly when you do get another manicure done.

Make sure your manicure includes a base coat and a top coat


With very few exceptions, most brands of nail polish require the use of a base coat and all require the use of a top coat in order to get the maximum benefit out of the polish. Any good quality salon or spa should always be including the base coat and top coat in your manicure. The base coat is important because it helps the polish stick to the nail while protecting the nail from staining, while the top coat provides a protective layer over the color to prevent chipping and fading.

Always moisturize


When talking about the skin on our hands, it is almost impossible to moisturize too much. Because of the many things we do with our hands every day, the skin on our hands is constantly being abused. Consistently moisturizing your hands provides the skin on your hands the nutrients it needs to remain soft and smooth. Just as with our face, moisturizer is a great anti-aging product for our hands. A good quality spa or salon should always use a high-quality moisturizer as part of your manicure service.

Protect your nails from water and heat


While it may seem as if the polish on your manicure has fully hardened by the time you are leaving the spa, the truth is some polishes won’t completely finish hardening for up to 12 hours after the polish has been applied. Because of this, it is important to protect your nails from water and heat exposure right after your manicure has been done in order to prevent peeling, chipping, smudging, and bubbling in your manicure.

In order to keep your manicure looking fresh for as long as possible, it is best to wear gloves to protect your nails and hands when completing heavy housework that requires you to use your hands such as washing the dishes or tending to your garden and flowerbeds.

Treat yourself to a new manicure


Now that you have gotten the most out of your manicure, it is time to treat yourself to a fresh, new manicure. Contact the salon specialists at Brandon Essentials to schedule your next manicure appointment today!