Blackheads form when a hair follicle fills with dead skin cells, bacteria, and excess oil and is then exposed to the air at the pore opening where it oxidizes and turns black. This can make areas where blackheads are most common (on the nose or chin) seem dirty, but the truth is that the issue is pore-deep and not an issue of being clean.

Blackheads can be quite the nuisance, visually and when trying to treat them—they always seem to come back no matter what you do.

So, how do you treat blackheads?

There are a few ways to treat blackheads to eliminate their presence from the comfort of your own home, or if the products or process you are using don’t seem to be effective, scheduling an appointment with an esthetician at Brandon Essentials can help get you on the right track.

At Home DIY Blackhead Treatments

Mild Blackheads

For general treatment and removal of blackheads, a facial exfoliating product with salicylic acid as its main, active ingredient is best. Salicylic acid is the perfect mix of exfoliator and deep pore cleaners. It is able to penetrate pores, break down the packed dead skin cells, and clear out the excess oil while exfoliating surface skin cells to regenerate the skin renewal process.

To help maintain clear pores without drying out the skin use the salicylic acid exfoliating scrub up to 3 times a week if you have combination or oily skin (down to only once a week if you have dry or sensitive skin). Between salicylic exfoliating treatments, opt for a gentler cleanser with a different active ingredient or a lesser amount of salicylic acid to keep your face clean and clear.

Use A Sonic Brush

One to two times a week, exfoliate with an electronic brush. These brushes work well to help slough off more stubborn skin cells and work the product you are using more effectively into your pores.

For Stubborn Blackheads

Sometimes salicylic acid isn’t enough to get the job done and your pores are still clogged. For more stubborn blackheads, using an over the counter retinoid cream can be a game changed. Like salicylic acid, retinoids work deep into the pores and treat blackheads by dissolving the clogged cells. Retinoids also expedite the process of cell turnover and regeneration. For extreme cases, ask a dermatologist about prescription retinoid cream to resolve your acne issue.

Find Balance

You may need to combine products and create a regime to properly treat and keep blackheads at bay. A process of daily cleanings followed by occasional exfoliating scrubs, regular applications of a toner, and completed with a daily moisturizer can help to maximize your skin care treatments. Many products, even gentle cleaners, can strip the skin of the natural sebum it produces and needs—not just the excess. To maintain cell health, a combination approach may be necessary.

Superior Skin Care and Facials In Brandon

If you want to skip the trial and error process of determining what is right for you, you can seek skin care counseling from the estheticians at Brandon Essentials. Also, check out our line of facials and see how we can help you jumpstart your attack against blackheads.