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How An Essentials Brandon Spa Day Can Help With Your Rosacea

Skin is one's mirror of lifestyle. Healthy living habits result in healthy skin. Unfortunately, there are chronic skin conditions one can be faced with that require more intense health habits.

What Is Rosacea?

Rosacea is one chronic skin condition that usually affects the face, chest, and back (but can spread throughout the body) and is worsened by inflammation. It is rosy in color, appearing as broken blood vessels or pimples.

Inflammation worsens rosacea by causing an imbalance that our bodies try to combat. Inflammation comes from poor nutrition (such as high intake of sugar, caffeine, and processed foods), alcohol use, and even stress; all factors of which cause higher temperatures in our bodies. In trying to bring the system back into balance, capillaries near the skin's surface dilate to help blood flow and cool the body down.

This constant expansion and reduction of capillaries causes them to be damaged or broken, leaving room for bacteria to manifest beneath the skin. The bacteria that grows under the skin is the cause for the blemishes and outbreaks.

How A Spa Day Can Help With Your Rosacea

Aside from correcting your diet, which will not only help your body feel better but look better too, you may also consider spa treatments to help clear up rosacea. Spa professionals are trained to treat the entire body and not just the affected area.

  • Techniques used in facials and massages stimulate the circulatory system to make detoxification easier.
  • Spa professionals are trained to know how to massage the muscles in a way that will break up any toxins stuck in between muscle fibers, as well as moving toxins away from lymph nodes to create a healthier body overall.
  • Spa treatments may help flush out toxins that cause blemishes related to rosacea. Also, don't forget to drink water after your spa treatment to help boost the toxin-flushing process!
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