A day at the spa, even for singular services like a massage or hair appointment, can often be viewed as an indulgence; a treat; pampering. While this is true in a way, time at a luxury spa is for more than just a special occasion—it can be quite beneficial to your health.

Stress can negatively affect your immune system which in turn can make you more susceptible to infections and viruses.  Stress can also negatively affect your mental health, leading to feelings of anxiety, worsened depression, and for some, worse. While a visit to the doctor may be in order after you start feeling ill, a day at the spa can help reduce your risk for becoming compromised and serve as self-care treatment.

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While having a spa day may seem like a costly indulgence, it is far less expensive than a vacation and equivalent to treating yourself to a dinner and movie or other night out for some relaxing fun.

Continuous Spa Care

One-and-done spa treatments can be quite relaxing and refreshing, helping you to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. Unfortunately, as you return to your normal, stress-fill routine, these effects wear away and you are back where you started.

Regular visits to the spa, whether for monthly deep tissue massages to aid with your back pain, to maintain your hairstyle, or to care for your skin or nails is not only beneficial for the results of the service (e.g. pain relief) but also the effect on-going self-care treatments can have on your health.

When new clients are dubious of return visits, the best analogy is going to the gym to obtain physical fitness. One hour at the gym is not going to generate immediate results. You have to keep returning and working hard to achieve your desired results.

The same routine is needed for many spa treatments, especially massage and skin services to be fully effective. These spa treatments take time to work out the knots in the muscles or retrain the skin to become less oily. Each visit builds upon the foundations of the last and each return visit works to also reduce your stress levels that build up between appointments.

Holistic Wellness

Any type of “treatment” outside of a physician’s office that helps to make you feel better on any level is often seen as a holistic treatment or alternative treatment and not always taken seriously. Spas are not a frivolous indulgence. The service provided can bring clients true benefits—from reduced pain, minimized stress, improved mental health, to establishing a skin care regime that a dermatologist would be proud of.

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