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Healthy Body Wrap

Many Brandon Essentials guests ask us to apply a body wrap as a way to detoxify, slim down, or deal with cellulite. Although, we can’t always guarantee this type of treatment will satisfy all those objectives equally for every client; we can, however, claim that getting a body wrap feels good. We are among the few luxury spas to promote body wraps as a relaxing, moisturizing treatment.
When body wraps were first created in the eighties and nineties, spas commonly used linen sheets to wrap their clients, but now plastic and thermal blankets are commonplace. Body wraps remain a popular spa treatment and one which we proudly offer to our guests.

A Brandon Essentials Body Wrap: What to Expect

One of our tables will be prepared for your body wrap therapy by layering several supplies upon it; first a non-electric thermal blanket at the base, followed by a layer of towels, and a Mylar blanket—finished with a sheet to cover the client.
Once you are ready, the body wrap products are applied; they commonly include ingredients such magnesium. The solution is first heated up and then ace bandages are soaked in the warm solution. Once the wraps are saturated, each individual wrap is put on the client, starting at the ankle, and moving upward. After the legs are individually wrapped, the client steps into thermal pants to maintain warmth. Then the arms and the abdominal area are wrapped, and a thermal long sleeve top is put over the wrap.
Once the client is fully wrapped, they will lay on the table and be covered with the Mylar blanket and sheet to keep warm. Once you are situated on the table and comfortable, you will begin your relaxation while the wrap processes. To add to the relaxation experience and the comfort of our guests, we perform our procedure with the aid of a darkly lit room, highlighted only by candlelight, aromatherapy, and soft music.
Please consult and obtain permission from your physician if you have any health concerns or problems, such as diabetes or have a known heart condition. Unfortunately, we are not able to do body wraps if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
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