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Hair Color and Highlighting

Aside from a cut, there are two options that are very popular among our hair service options: change in hair color and getting highlights.

Hair Color

Pick a color, any color! Brandon Essentials hair stylists will begin the transformation process from your old hair color to your new one. Hair coloring affects the whole of your head, and typically, it is a single color selected for this service—although our skilled hair stylists can help provide complete coloring services with as many colors as you desire. For multiple colors or drastic color changes, multiple styling visits may be necessary.


Highlights are a means for individuals with dark hair to lighten only a portion of their hair, and helps to provide softness, depth, and dimension. Highlights are carried out in a manner to make the modified color of their hair look natural and well-blended with the rest of the hair. There are four types of highlights:
  • Foil - Foil highlighting is the process of using foil to separate strands of hair which will be lightened from the hair that will remain its base color.
  • Balayage - This technique looks like natural sun-kissed highlights throughout the hair.
  • Cap - A perforated cap is place over the hair and sections of the hair are pulled through the holes to separate what will be lightened and the rest of the hair.
  • Low Lighting - Sections of hair are separated and colored a shade or two darker than your base color. Lowlights work wonders at making your hair look thicker and more voluminous.
hairdresser trimming long black hair
Of these four, highlights with foils are the most popular. With foils, you can apply up to five different shades, making the highlights look more natural.
Hair coloring and highlights are permanent cosmetic adjustments, however, hair begins to grow after six to eight weeks, so your roots will need a touch up. Finally, after "getting your dye on," inquire about having keratin treatments. This treatment is perfect for newly treated hair, as it infuses the natural protein that is lost whenever hair is dyed.
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