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The Gentleman’s Facial

We’ve discovered how men are becoming conscious – now more than ever – of their skin’s appearance. Generally, all the treatments we have available for women can be slightly modified and tailored to any male’s unique chemistry and skin condition. For example, deep pore cleansing remains one of today’s most popular requests among our male clientele.
Our Estheticians are specially trained in a variety of defect removal strategies, and these range from luxurious oil blends to applying proven cleansing products. If necessary, some of those products are geared to ‘deep cleanse’ the skin.
We recommend any man looking for improvement in this area to come in and consult with our experienced Estheticians. We take several key factors into careful consideration. For one, how oily is the skin’s surface? How clogged are your pores? What treatments have been tried – either successfully or unsuccessfully? Whatever his objectives might be, our Estheticians will administer a system that relaxes, moisturizes, while addressing the needs of the client.
Often, we find that men want more sheen or smoother skin. We have products and techniques to handle those outcomes. Our Estheticians routinely train and conduct research as to what men are benefiting from in spas and treatment facilities across the nation. We’re excited, always, to implement new and better practices!
As more information becomes available, expect our Estheticians to stay abreast of new technologies in skin care. A luxury spa should be counted on to provide the latest, best practices currently being used for treatment among skincare experts, nationwide.
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