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Essentials Hair Stylists Talk Split Ends & Breakage

Spring and summer both bring lots of moisture to our hair, while fall and winter can tend to dry out and cause our hair to lose moisture. With dry hair can come breakage and split ends, here are some tips for keeping your luscious locks healthy this winter:


Surprisingly enough, it’s not just about how you brush your hair, but what you brush your hair with that can make a dramatic difference in your hair's texture. A gentle stoke is always recommended over harshly brushing your hair. Ripping through your hair with a brush can cause immediate breakage. Wide toothed combs are great for improving your hair's health. Brush from the bottom of your hair and move in an upward motion to detangle.


Wearing your hair in a ponytail or bun is the ultimate solution for getting your hair out of your face. But doing this repeatedly, on a regular basis, can lead to breakage. Consistent pressure on your hair can wear down its strength and cause dead ends in the long run. While we’re not saying to never wear your hair up, but be cognizant of when you do and how much you do it.


While a trendy headband is always in style, they can cause damage to your hairline. Especially headbands with elastic strips; these can cause added pressure to your hairline and make the hair that grows around the perimeter of where the headband sits more fragile.

Looking for more hair tips this season? Check out our blog for more! When combating split ends and breakage, sometimes seeing a professional is best for your needs and hair maintenance. Contact our Salon and schedule a hair appointment with one of our stylists. They can provide a simple trim, new hairstyle, or tips on caring for your hair.

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