Deep tissue massages are a favorite spa service for individuals who suffer from chronic pain or are recovering from a sports injury. The massage techniques help to alleviate knots and muscle adhesions located deeper in the body’s tissue while stimulating circulation and working out toxins locked in the muscles.

To enhance the effects of your deep tissue massage at our Essentials Spa in Brandon, FL try adding essential oils. You can also continue the effects at home for prolonged relief from any stiffness or back pain that is driving you to our massage tables.

Use the following desired responses to determine the ideal essential oils to use at home or at the spa.

Relax Muscles

Both the use of German chamomile and sweet marjoram can be used to help relax muscles. These oils have antispasmodic properties that can help reduce muscle spams like those that often occur in the lower back.

Reduce Pain & Increase Circulation

Ginger and juniper warm the skin and encourage more blood flow and oxygen into your tense muscles. In addition, they are known to have anti-inflammatory properties and are also organic analgesics—they block pain receptors.

Anti-Inflammatory & Bruise Reduction

Helichrysum and myrrh provide a multipurpose approach during massage therapy. Both work as an anti-inflammatory and myrrh also reduces pain. Both can be used to improve vein integrity, which can help bruises to heal and reduce the likelihood of new ones easily.

Ease Pain & Inflammation

Peppermint is another great essential oil to bring about pain reduction in massage therapy. Its “cooling” effect can be analgesic and antispasmodic to the body while providing inflammation relief. Rosemary is often used as a topical analgesic due to the high amount of natural campher and because it can inhibit the production of nitric oxide, it can also be used to reduce joint and muscle inflammation.

Do Essential Oils Work?

Essential oils are absorbed into the bloodstream when applied topically, providing desired results faster. Essential oils used in aromatherapy stimulate the scent receptors in your nose, sending messaged to your limbic system to elicit a specific response.

Whether it is your first deep tissue massage, or you have a regular appointment with an Essentials Massage Therapist, if you haven’t tried adding essential oils to your regime, you should. Our spa has several aromatherapies and essential oils available for our clients to reap the added benefits of.