Many skincare products advertise the cleaning and exfoliating wonders of the enzymes powering their products—but are they truly as effective as claimed?

Yes! There are many benefits of enzymes in skincare products to help achieve the goals you wish to achieve with the care of your skin.

To start, what are enzymes?

In order to understand why enzymes are so great, it helps to know what they are and how they work. Enzymes are chemicals used in all sorts of products to that increase the rate of a chemical reaction without actually being part of the reaction—they are catalysts.

Some types of enzymes are naturally occurring in the body and target free radicals that affect that health of your skin. By targeting and destroying these free radicals, these enzymes contribute to protecting your skin from oxidation damage.

Enzymes in Skincare

Chemical enzymes can be added to skincare products that mimic this effect or to work as an exfoliant. The benefit of adding an enzyme over a scrub or chemical peeler is the gentleness of the enzyme while still being highly effective.

The exfoliating enzymes work by breaking down the keratin protein of the dead skin cells, helping them to slough away when the face is rinsed clean. With the layer of dead skin cells removed, your face is leve smoother, healthier, and with an overall better tone.

Benefits of Skincare with Enzymes

In addition to a more effective and gentler exfoliation, the chemical catalyst aspect of enzymes can trigger other ingredients of the skincare product to work more efficiently. This enables products to clean deeply into pores, remove excess oils, and moisturize the skin.

When used with other antioxidants, enzymes can also provide anti-inflammatory effects, protect against sun damage or other environmental pollutants, fight acne, and encourage blood flow to the cells of the face (which promotes the removal of toxins and healing to damaged cells).

Brandon Essentials Spa and Enzymes

Many of the facials we perform at our spa use products that contain enzymes from fruits, flowers, and sometimes even vegetables. If you are looking for a deep cleaning facial, need a good exfoliation, or want to jumpstart an improved skincare regime, contact us to schedule an enzyme facial today!