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Easy Skincare Routine For Men

Men, just as women do, need to take care of their skin on a regular basis. This means a daily skincare regime that you follow every morning or before going to bed. Here are some tips to improve your skincare regime and an easy-to-follow “how-to” for skin care for men.


Most individuals perform their skincare regime in the evenings so that they can wash away the grime of the day before going to sleep. Additionally, part of cleansing your skin requires you to open your pores for a deeper cleanse. This can easily be done during a hot shower. If you typically shower in the morning but prefer an evening skincare regime, splashing warm water on your face will also work. The warm water helps to open up the pore for the effective administration of the facial cleaning products.


Do. Not. Use. Body. Soap. To. Wash. Your. Face.

Sorry men but washing your face with the same soap you use on your armpits will cause dryness and redness and could even be mildly irritating to the skin. Pick up a gentle cleanser and apply a dime-sized amount to your hands and massage it onto your face. Rinse with cool water—the cold water will help to shrink your pores to help protect against collecting excess dirt and oil. Then pat your face dry; do not rub. Rubbing can irritate the skin and pull away essential moisture. Even for individuals with oily skin or acne, washing your face once a day is typically enough, but more than twice a day can over-dry the skin.


Now, this is where most men stop taking care of their skin. It's ok to moisturize, and is in fact, highly beneficial. Your skin produces oil naturally, but an imbalance in the moisture in your skin can lead to excess oil production, or reversely, excessively dry skin, wrinkles, and "flabby" skin. A moisturizer will help to keep your skin firm and well-balanced.

Protect It

It is important to care for your skin on all levels, including prevention, not just treatment. Wear sunscreen prior to spending excess time outside (30 minutes or more) and apply at least an SPF30 sunscreen. You can reduce the number of facial products by finding a moisturizer with a built-in sunscreen and applying it daily.

Trust A Brandon Essentials Facial Specialist

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