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Do THIS Before Your Essentials Brandon Relaxer Appointment

Having your hair relaxed is a treatment that cannot be done as well by your stylist if your hair is not properly prepped. With the advice provided by stylists, this article is a guide of some things you should do before attending your hair relaxing appointment.

The Week Before Your Appointment

The weeks before your appointment there are 3 things you must do to prepare your hair for your relaxing treatment.

Use a protein packed wash and conditioner to deep condition your hair

A high protein conditioner will give your hair strength and stability for the relaxing treatment. This step is very important because the strength of your hair will enable your hair to hold that smooth and straight condition long after it has been relaxed. Clients are also suggested to use a moisturizing leave-in conditioner to help restore that protein and moisture balance in their hair.

If you have just removed extensions and have an appointment to get your hair relaxed this step is very important for you! Once hair extensions are taken out, your hair can begin to tangle and have a matt texture to it while being washed. IT is recommended that anyone who is getting their hair relaxed after having extensions braids their hair into 6 to 8 box braids the week before treatment.

Do not irritate your scalp

The week before relaxing your hair it is suggested that you be fairly easy on your scalp to prepare for the chemicals in the relaxing formula. Refrain from scratching or itching your scalp the week before your appointment. Keep your hair in a simple and easy to manage style that is not going to require you to pull or comb through your hair. If hair does need to be combed make sure that it is combed into 4 sections with a wide-toothed comb. This form of combing does not irritate the scalp and keeps the skin calm. An irritated scalp during the relaxing process has a higher chance of being burned or damaged by the relaxing treatment.

Seal the moisture into your hair

The week before your appointment, it is suggested that throughout that week you seal and moisturize your hair multiple times. This provides for that strength and stability that your hair is going to need when being relaxed. This also allows for protein build up in the hair, so your hair is not left fragile after the relaxing treatment.

The Day of; Before You Go to Your Appointment

On the day of your appointment, there are also a few to do’s before you can get your hair relaxed. These few things you must do to your hair allow for your hair to take the relaxing formula to the best of its capability and provide an easier appointment for both you and your stylist.

Part your hair into 4 or more sections

This helps your stylist find new growth in hair that has already been relaxed before and also helps to keep your hair separated so you and your stylist are sure that all parts of your hair are receiving the treatment. You can use clips to keep hair separated before and during the treatment.

Detangle each section of hair

This step is ESSENTIAL to the treatment. Relaxer cannot be applied to knotted or tangled hair – the formula will cause larger tangles when the hair is being washed if they are not detangled beforehand. Your hands or a wide-toothed comb can be used to help detangle your hair. Salons may be on a time crunch due to other clients’ appointments and may not be able to detangle your hair as thoroughly before your treatment.

Use oils to protect your scalp

Pure olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil are all great options for protecting your scalp before using the relaxing formula.

Keep your hair line and the perimeter of your hair protected

Oil or hair grease should be applied to your hairline, perimeter of hair and ears to protect them from the chemicals.

Protect previously relaxed hair

If you have had your hair relaxed before, it is important that you protect that pre-relaxed hair. Do this by applying oil or condition to the previously relaxed parts of your hair. Are you interested in having your hair relaxed or finding out more information on hair relaxing? Essentials of Brandon: Full-Service Luxury Spa offer hair relaxing treatments to help you reach your hair goals!

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