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Couples Who Massage Together Stay Together

There's no doubt that massages are extremely beneficial! They help stimulate blood circulation, encourage relaxation, heal muscle strains and injuries, plus a multitude of other amazing factors. But, did you know that getting massaged alongside your significant other can do all of this and so much more? Couples who massage together experience a stronger bond and, thus, a stronger relationship.

Couple's massage helps increase the feelings of affection. Besides relieving muscle tension, massages help release the body's “happy chemicals” like oxytocin (also called the “love hormone”). In releasing this “love hormone” alongside your partner, you may feel a sense of closeness and connection. Life has a tendency to keep us busy and often leads to somewhat of a disconnection with our partner. A couple's massage helps by keeping both parties occupied by the same activity, one that they can come together afterward and share the feelings of the love hormones.

Sharing experiences helps couples learn new things about each other. This can help the couple grow in their relationship overall. By experiencing things together, conversations are encouraged and ideas are shared; you may even learn something new about your significant other. The memories you make will be ones you hold near to your hearts and be a bonding instrument.

Encouraging relaxation and intimacy in a novel experience is a great way to help a relationship flourish and share physical closeness. Relaxing your mind and your muscles can help you feel less anxious and more excited. What better way to get physical with your partner than when you're both feeling a rush of endorphins and stimulation?

Having said all the above, it's no surprise that getting a massage together can help couples take a step away from everyday stress and find peace in being present. Relaxation helps people to find ways to enjoy each moment as it is lived, and when you can do this simultaneously with your partner, it can be the most fulfilling gift for your relationship.

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