Step inside our world of luxury and let yourself dream about your next lavish hair treatment with us. Our full-service luxury spa provides an array of available chemical hair treatments to color, soften, straighten, or help your hair return to its once vibrant state. Take the opportunity to not only treat yourself, but to also treat your hair! Our skilled hair stylists are here to help you look and feel your best.

Hair Coloring

Pick a color any color and our stylists will begin the transformation process from your old hair color to your new one!


Highlights are a means for individuals with dark hair to lighten only a portion of the hair and provide softness depth and dimension. Highlights are carried out in a manner that it looks natural and well-blended with the rest of the hair.

Keratin Treatments

Keratin treatments quickly straighten hair and keep frizz away and lasts for several months much like being the opposite of a perm. A keratin treatment post-hair coloring or highlighting can actually help to seal in the pigment from the dye making your color last longer and appear more vibrant.

Malibu Hair Treatments

Malibu hair treatments detox your hair by using a crystallized vitamin C remedy to remove the minerals that have deposited in your hair. Malibu hair treatments can also prevent minerals deposits in your hair and remove current discoloration or brassiness. These treatments also infuse your hair with shine moisture and keeps it tangle and frizz free.