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Brandon Essentials Massage Therapists Bust Common Massage Myths

Separating Fact from Fiction at Brandon Essential Massage

Massage therapy has been a trusted practice for thousands of years, but there are still several misconceptions surrounding it. At Brandon Essential Massage, we strive to provide accurate information to our clients and educate the public about the truth behind massage therapy. Let's debunk a few commonly heard myths to shed light on the realities of getting a massage.

Myth 1: My therapist didn't ask, so I don't need to disclose my health history. In reality, it's crucial to inform your massage therapist about any allergies, medical conditions, surgeries, or medications you are currently taking. This information allows the therapist to customize the massage to your specific needs and avoid causing unnecessary stress or discomfort. Certain health conditions may require modifications or restrictions on certain types of massages.

Myth 2: Feeling sore the next day means I had a good massage. Soreness is not an indication of a "good" massage, and you should never experience extreme soreness that prevents you from getting out of bed. Mild soreness might occur if you're new to massage, not very active, or haven't had a massage in a while. The soreness stems from the intensity of pressure applied to release muscle knots and the release of lactic acid. Drinking plenty of water after your massage can help minimize soreness.

Myth 3: Pregnant women should avoid massages as they're not safe. Contrary to popular belief, there are no trigger points on the body that induce labor. Prenatal massages are specifically designed for pregnant women and are safe throughout all trimesters of a normal pregnancy. These massages cater to the unique needs and comfort of expectant mothers, providing relaxation and numerous benefits for both mom and baby.

Myth 4: Drinking water after a massage isn't necessary. This advice isn't just a random remark from your massage therapist. It's a beneficial recommendation that aids in your body's recovery and reduces post-massage soreness. During a massage, waste products like lactic acid and toxins are released from your muscles and enter your bloodstream. Drinking ample water helps your organs effectively process and flush out these waste products, preventing them from re-entering your muscles.

Myth 5: No pain, no gain—massage should hurt. This misconception often surrounds deep tissue massages. While some discomfort may arise when applying firm pressure to tight muscles or knots, it should never cross the line into pain. If you experience pain or cannot tolerate the level of discomfort, it's important to communicate with your massage therapist. They will adjust their approach and technique to ensure your comfort and well-being.

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