Self-care is on the forefront of many minds these days with more and more people promoting the benefits of self-care, especially for parents and busy professionals. Self-care is more than just making sure to shower and wash your hair—it is also means taking care of your mental and physical health.

Stress, anxiety, and muscle/joint pain can be debilitating and can cause additional problems with a person’s health. By taking part in an activity to address these issues in your life, you can help improve your mental health and your physical health.

There is strong research that shows a correlation between stress and anxiety reduction as well as pain relief from regular massages.

Stress and Anxiety

Massage therapy is well known for its high relaxation side effects—something that helps those who are deeply stressed or overly anxious. In addition to the relaxing environment present for a professional relaxation or Swedish massage, the act of massaging the muscles also has an effect on body and mind relaxation. The average massage includes long, gentle strokes—a movement that promotes relaxation in the muscles. This light touch also satisfies our mental need to connect with other human beings.

Massages also reduce stress and anxiety by reducing the physical response to stressors and triggers by:

  • Promoting healthy circulation and a steady blood pressure
  • Removing tension in muscles
  • Increasing flexibility and movement
  • Decreasing toxins built up in muscles
  • Releasing serotonin hormones

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Muscle pain is often the result of overuse, strain, and the buildup of toxins (like lactic acid) in the muscles. Overly tight or knotted muscles can result in limited mobility, joint soreness, and back and neck pain. There are several massage therapy methods available that can target specific areas of the bodies or address certain issues.

For overall pain relief, a relaxation massage can help stretch muscles; for longer lasting pain relief, a deep tissue massage can help remove the knots in the deeper muscles that are commonly the reason for many individual’s pain.

Therapeutic massages or neuromuscular massages are great for athletes or those with extreme muscle pain or issues that are causing pain (like strains or injuries).

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